ITIL Certification

We offer the full range of ITIL certifications which can guide you to become an ITIL Master.

About ITIL Certification

ITIL Certifications support the ITIL scheme by validating knowledge and application of ITIL. Each certification focuses on a different area of ITIL, from foundational principles to in-depth knowledge of individual areas. The scheme is flexible, allowing you to study whichever part of the service lifecycle is of interest to you.

The list of certifications is as follows:

ITIL certifications have five levels: Foundation, Practitioner, Intermediate and Expert. Each level leads on to the next, and each certification provides a number of credits towards the next level. The Expert level requires 22 credits which can be gained through taking certifications from the Foundation, Practitioner and Intermediate levels. ITIL Master requires 22 credits, which are gained by progressing through the four previous levels.

How can an ITIL certification help me?

ITIL is a global standard for IT service management, so ITIL certifications are highly respected among IT professionals. Organisation which have adopted ITIL will be looking for ITIL-trained employees to help them implement the framework effectively, and this isn’t just limited to IT project managers. Any IT professional who will be working in an ITIL environment can benefit from an understanding of ITIL, whether it is simply an overview of the principles or knowledge of specific areas of the lifecycle.

Like many IT certifications, ITIL certifications are prized by employers and demand high salaries. ITIL Foundation was listed as one of the top-paying certifications for 2017 by industry experts.

What is the Exam structure for ITIL?

Each ITIL certification is gained by taking a different multiple choice exam. These exams can be taken as part of your course with us.

The ITIL Foundation exam consists of 40 questions. A mark of 26/40 is required to pass, which is 65%. The exam lasts 60 minutes and is closed book.

The ITIL Practitioner exam consists of 40 questions. A mark of 28/40 is required to pass, or 70%. The exam lasts 130 minutes and is open book.

Each ITIL Intermediate exam follows the same format, no matter which module you are studying. The exams are multiple choice and consist of eight questions. 28/40 or 70% is the pass mark. Each exam lasts 90 minutes and is closed book.

The ITIL MALC exam is multiple choice and consists of 10 questions. A mark 35/50 or 70% is required to pass. The exam lasts 120 minutes and is closed book.