ISO 20000

ISO 20000 was originally published as BS15000 by BSI, which was the first international standard for ITSM.

In 2005 it became and ISO standard, and has quickly emerged as perhaps the most significant development in this arena since ITIL itself.

It comprises both a code of practice, and a specification, which are published as two distinct documents (part 1 and part 2)

The ITIL Triangle

This is a diagram that describes the relationship between ITIL, the ISO20000 service management standard, and your own in-house procedures.

Essentially, this top down illustration starts at the highest level with ISO20000, the BSI standard specification for IT service management. The next level presents a code of practise for ITSM (eg: PD0005, which was produced by CCTA, ITSMF and DISC/BSI). ITIL itself is the third layer, with in-house procedures represented by the bottom layer.

The ITIL Triangle diagram itself can be viewed at ITIL and ITSM World, which offers a toolkit including most of the key documents.

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