ITIL offers a hierarchy of certifications, leading to a Diploma in Service Management. This is a credit based system, with earlier certifications within the program being assigned credit values. A total value of 22 credit points is required to achieve the final diploma.

The first step is the ITIL Foundation Certification. This entry level qualification is mandatory to progress any further. Thereafter, there is a choice of 9 different programs within a second level. The third and final level is the 'Managing Across the Lifecycle'.

Certification and examination under the previous version of ITIL is still widely available. A set of Sample Questions for this version of the foundation exam are available from AoS (accredited).

ITIL Foundation Training

The ITIL Foundation Certificate is the entry level qualification, and is mandatory to progress any further within the overall ITIL scheme. It is designed to confirm your understanding of the basic terms, concepts, relationships and processes of ITIL.

There are a range of training approaches available for the foundation examination, ranging from formal classroom training, to self study. These reflect the wide spectrum of differing needs. Note that we strongly recommend that only an accredited course (offline or online) approved by an official Examination Institute is taken.


Certification.Info are offering an accredited downloadable ITIL training course which is based upon the principles described in ITIL's volumes, and is designed to aid comprehension of the core principles of ITIL. The course fully prepares the participant for the examination leading to the Foundation Certificate.

The course provides a range of materials to support the student, including study manual, presentations, revisions sheets, and sample/mock exams.

For a full description of the course and the support materials offered, see their web site: ITIL Foundation Self Study Course.

Note that the course is fully accredited by the EXIN Examination Institute.

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